2022 Operational & Administrative Officers Announced

Tuesday night, January 4th the Exeter Township Fire Department held our monthly meeting and named the operational and administrative officers for 2022.

Operational Officers who you will see on the street:

Chief 25: Chris Bickings
Deputy 25: Eric Lessig
Deputy 25-1: Chris Jordan
Deputy 25-2: Chris Chamberlain
Deputy 25-3: Brian Rhein
Captain 25: Steve Geibel
Captain 25-1: Bob Hoover
Lieutenant 25: Jeff Shilling
Lieutenant 25-1: Jason O’Leary
Lieutenant 25-2: Amanda Walker
Lieutenant 25-3: Mike Wysolmerski
Sergeant 25: Taylor Smith
Sergeant 25-1: Ed Weitzel
Sergeant 25-2: Brian Otto
Engineer 25: George Turner
Fire Police Captain: Greg Moll
Fire Police Lieutenant: Chris George
Fire Police Sergeant: Russell George
Fire Police Sergeant: Meg Moll

Our Administrative Officers who keep the department running behind the scenes:

Board of Directors:
President: Steve Geibel
Vice President: Mike Wysolmerski
Secretary: Steve Rhoads
Treasurer: GerriLea Witzel
Director at Large: Chris Bickings
Director at Large: Chris Jordan
Director at Large: Robert Hoover
Relief Association Board Members:
President: Robert Hoover
Vice President: Jason O’Leary
Secretary: Steve Rhoads
Treasurer: Dean Clissa
Assistant Treasurer: GerriLea Witzel